I try to make a list every morning of the things I would “like” to get done. Of course the list varies if it’s a Mommy and Mila day or if it’s a work day. My list usually includes:

  1. make coffee…….consume coffee……proceed with list making
  2. watch my usual entrepreneur vlogs
  3. laundry and dishes
  4. so and so’s order
  5. order fabric (oops how did that get in there)
  6. SEW INSTOCK (which is ALWAYS uppercased!)
  7. post instock
  8. workout
  9. shipping(on Fridays)
  10. website content

I get this sense of accomplishment when I get to check stuff off the list. Sometimes I even add an item that I already did just so I can scratch it off right away; ok don’t judge me, I’m sure you do it too. And now I FINALLY get to check the item off my list that has been there, seems like forever, at least since I started this business 2.5 years ago. My Website! Yay! Can I get a Woop Woop? Mӧbius Threads has now expanded past the social media forums of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (although, I still have a strong love for them) into an organized space for current instock! I know, right? Who’s excited? This girl! And I hope you all are excited too!

Welcome to my world! Welcome to Mӧbius Threads!

Number 10, check!

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