Welcome to Mobius Threads!

 Handmade Scarves, Headbands & Scrunchies!

Also, Mobius Market where you can find other small handmade businesses to support!

Thanks! J.

Over Covid, my time was limited to sew my own products with two kids at home. I decided to bring in other handmade products to resell. This not only helped me bring in an income but it also helped out other handmade businesses during those tough times. I appreciate everyone’s support as I have continued to branch out into the Mobius Market! Please click “Mobius Market” to shop!

Upcoming Events for Möbius Threads

Skate Delisle Craft & Trade Show

November 19, 2022; 10am-4pm

Delisle Curling Rink & Town Hall

Metal Fabrication provided by Mint Design (my amazing and talented husband). For more info on Mint Design, please visit: min 1920