Fun in the Sun with Mobius!Fun in the Sun with Mobius!

So, nothing like blogging once a year! lol I am sure the Blogging gods are cringing right now! Jay, for real, you need to connect with your audience more than once a year……I’m working on it! So here is Blog #2!

My daughter, Mila, RARELY allows me take photos of her posing with any of my Mini Mobius Kids Headbands, so I have usually asked someone else to send me photos of their kids. But just a few days ago, the universe was telling me to bring the “big camera” outside while she was going to run through the water sprinkler. Now, I am by no means a professional photographer and I DO NOT claim to be. Let’s just state that right now! I keep forgetting what setting to have it on and all that f-stop talk…..good grief, I feel like I’m swearing half the time. BUT this particular day, the camera was already at the correct settings (thanks to my hubby!)….look at those stars align! Wowie! Perfect! Ok let’s go for it!

“I see what you are doing Mom…..”

water sprinkler

Just testing the waters to see if she would co-operate and she was, so I just kept clicking……until I saw this coming at me!

water fun

Goofy girl got her Mama completely soaked! Haha And then I got the HAND!


No more photos!

So this Mama brought out the big guns! It’s FREEZIE time!



Freezie Time

Summer Day

She got her second wind and we tried for the slide, but this Mama turned it into a Water Slide! Just wrapped the water sprinkler hose around and VOILA! She told me I was the best mom ever! hehe

Water Slide


How do you get your kiddos to pose for photos? I always have found it hard. It’s almost easier when someone other than the parent is taking the photo. Like these two here taken by Jackie at Sew Bright Creations! You can find her blog post here—> Sew Bright Creations and Mobius Photoshoot

Mobius Threads 13555628_10154069276171273_462104023_o

And you know a bribe here or there works too! 😉 Comment below with what works for you!

Mila is wearing a Paint Splash Mini Mobius Kids Headband in Large.

Check out the Adult Headband Here —>Mama Headband/ Single Loop Toddler Scarf- Paint Splash

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