Blog # 3 is a reminder that SCHOOL IS COMING!!!!! *Gasp* As a mother of a daughter starting kindergarten this fall, this time of year has a whole new meaning! It is no longer generic and the definition of pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, but the excitement of learning new things and growing up! I can feel the excitement whenever Mila says she is going to Big Girl School, and believe me, she tells everyone that she comes into contact with! Which is super cute and I LOVE how her eyes light up when talking about it.

A new experience is the shopping…..back to school shopping. At least I have her headbands and scarves covered! 😉

About a month ago, I hired Parker to help me with tagging and some odd jobs to help prepare for the busy fall and winter season. Little did I know, she is super talented in the creative sense and she suggested that we do a stop motion video to introduce the Back To School line.

I was totally ALL FOR THIS IDEA!! LOVED the idea! So we started brainstorming and created a story board with post-its.

story board


We started collecting items: scrabble tiles, sprinkles, book, toy dinos, milk carton….put everything together and started taking the photos….

Stop Motion


Then it was time for editing and adding music!! Yay!! Getting excited!!

editing stop motion

editing stop motion


And it wasn’t long before…… was DONE!!

Here it is! Enjoy!

Back to School with Mobius Threads!


Here are a few photos of our Back to School Line Up!





Sprinkles - Mini Mobius

Wild things - Single Loop Toddler Scarf

wild thangs

Milk Carton - Double Loop Combo Kid Scarf

milk carton

Triceratops - Mini Mobius


Brontosaurus/Plaid - Double Loop Combo Kid Scarf


Triceratops/Pink Chevron - Double Loop Combo Kid Scarf

Triceratops Chevron


And FINALLY something for the adults! Possibly for a teacher! 😉

Wild Things/ Grey Knit - Double Loop Combo Adult Scarf
Adult Wild Things Scarf


So what do you think of the new fabrics? Which is your favorite?