Deep Freeze Scarf – Pink Aztec and Pink Boucle Wool


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Do You Live in a Deep Freeze?

Living in Western Canada, we are exposed to freezing temperatures. Add in the crazy wind chill and it can become unbearable! This is why Möbius Threads brings you our DEEP FREEZE COLLECTION: a comboed half wool, half knit winter weather adult scarf. Shorter and wider than our regular double loop scarves, this big and bulky design sits up in your face to keep you warm and cozy through the winter months! Enjoy days with your family snowshoeing, skating, sledding, ice fishing and tobogganing! Great for sitting around the campfire on those cool evenings while you camp!

Stay Warm! Wear Möbius!

*A few options may be available for those that are unable to tolerate wool.

Pink Aztec and Pink Boucle Wool Combo

DEEP FREEZE - Heavier weight

Material: Aztec - 100% Rayon, Pink - Wool Blend

Washing: Hand Wash, Lay to Dry

Price: $50