Mama Headband / Single Loop Toddler Scarf – Spring Green Floral


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This Möbius Threads product has the versatility that Mamas LOVE! It can be used as a headband for Mama or as a single loop scarf for the kiddo.  Multifunctional Awesomeness! They are sewn with a deliberate twist in the fabric, a Möbius design.

The Original Mama Headband. Can be worn with the twist on the top or the bottom. They are wide enough to cover your head, and still able to scrunch or fold the fabric to make it thinner. They are great for Mamas on the go, active in sports or running, fun at the gym, lake and camping life, ourdoorsy activities like gardening, fishing or hiking! They keep the hair out of your face and the wind away from your ears! Great for housework! What’s that? 😉

Möbius Threads’ Single Loop Toddler Scarf. For your little diva or drooly bambino! The single loops are designed for the little people that need a fashionable drool solution, a non-bulky neck warmer or for adorable photos that will last forever! There may also be a matching Mommy scarf available for you! Go check it out! Recommended to be worn with adult supervision. Age range approximately up to 5yrs, however, some kids and even Mamas have worn them as neck warmers under their coats.

Super comfy! And Super Awesome! You’re welcome!

Spring Green Floral

Mama Headband - One size fits most

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Washing: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low